Thanks to the generosity of Jewish Federation of the East Bay, The Jewish Community Foundation, and our donors, we help serve children with Special Education needs, promoting inclusion in our community.

In 2018-19 Federation and Foundation of the East Bay will be providing grants directly to Jewish organizations in the East Bay to help support Special Education needs. Grants will be made on a rolling basis from October 9 – June 30 or until our Special Education resources are depleted.

Our intent is to provide stable support to you, our organizational partners to ensure that we continue to nurture a culture of inclusion with the East Bay Jewish community.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • As Special Education needs arise in your organization, identify the support that you need — i.e. are you seeking to have an expert make a student observation, are you planning a staff training on sensory learning, etc.
  • Contact a service provider (if needed), such as Jewish LearningWorks, Rosh Pina or others, to discuss your needs, determine the costs and scope of work.
  • Complete the online Special Education Grant Application to request funds from the Jewish Federation and Foundation of the East Bay.

What Type of Special Education Support is Available:

  • On-going and/or one time professional development for teachers and professionals in the following topics
    • Differentiated Instruction
    • What is an inclusive community? And are we one?
    • Teaching Hebrew in a varied ability classroom
    • Disabilities 101: The Basics
    • Behavior Intervention
    • How to talk to parents and caregivers: Creating open lines of communication in your community
  • Sessions for board and executive staff members on the benefits of and Jewish imperative of Inclusion
  • Individual observations of students to offer teachers advice and support in how best to reach them
  • Creation and staffing of a warm line to be an ongoing resource for a community to use as professionals need it
  • System audit of registration paperwork, registration questions, tracking tools and goal setting tools to assure that the needs and goals of all students are met
  • Working with a community to create ongoing support for disabled students, such as creating an inclusion committee, or building a multi-year plan of support.
  • Creating institutional inclusion statements
  • Setting up a self-contained classroom in a larger educational institution
  • Program audit of institutional programs and events to create a roadmap to increase inclusion opportunities at your site

Please contact Rabbi Andy Kastner at andrew@jfed.org if you have any questions.