“There is a Jewish future in Poland.”

JCC Warsaw: Poland’s Jewish Revival

“We should be active citizens who challenge anything we see as unjust.”

Choosing Tomorrow: Serving Israelis in Need

“You have no idea how much it really helped.”

Project Ezra: A Safety Net

Together, we care for the vulnerable—here, in Israel, and around the world—by:

Providing aid, food, and medicine: In partnership with Jewish Family & Community Services East Bay, we care for over 250 vulnerable Holocaust survivors in the East Bay. We also provide domestic violence prevention, education, and intervention programs with Shalom Bayit. Through Temple Beth Hillel, we organize faith communities to serve free meals to hungry families.

Protecting the vulnerable: We enable local tutoring for at-risk children with Jewish Coalition for Literacy and fund afterschool programs for Israeli children in need. We assist families struggling with infertility and offer loans to East Bay community members through Hasidah and Hebrew Free Loan Association.

Fostering Jewish identity and enriching Jewish lives: Where Jewish expression has been suppressed, we rebuild community infrastructure, help Jews reconnect with their heritage, and empower the next generation of promising young Jewish leaders. In Eastern Europe, North Africa, and the Caribbean, we help dozens of burgeoning synagogues and groundbreaking community centers. At workshops, retreats, and summer and winter camps, we support thousands of young Jews as they forge new paths for their communities.

Responding in times of crisis and opportunity: We give a lifeline for Jews and non-Jews in distress everywhere from Oakland to Haifa. Whether it’s missiles raining down on Israel’s south, a violent conflict in Ukraine, or an earthquake in Nepal, we are there to help — and to rebuild.