There are many ways to give through the Foundation, each with benefits for you, family, and community.

These gifts can fund endowments, donor advised funds, supporting foundations, or other charitable giving vehicles. Contact us at 510.839.2900 or foundation@jfed.org for more information about choosing the giving options that are right for you and your family.

Gifts you can give now

In addition to cash, you can give:

  • Stock – Incurs no capital gains tax and provides a tax deduction at fair market value. When contributed to a Foundation donor advised fund, can be split into manageable, even-amount charitable gifts to one or more charitable organizations.
  • Real Estate – Incurs no capital gains tax and is deductible at fair market value. Provides financial benefits—both to the community and to you—when used to create a charitable fund at the Foundation, a charitable remainder trust or a charitable lead trust.
  • Life Insurance – Provides a tax deduction for the policy’s fair market value and for gifts made to the charity to keep the policy active. Upon the insured’s death, the proceeds become a legacy gift or a charitable fund at the Foundation.

Gifts from your estate

  • Gift in your will or trust – Give a percentage of your estate, the remainder, specific property, or a specific amount. May provide some estates with a tax deduction. If you already have a will or trust, can be arranged through a simple amendment or codicil. Can fund a legacy gift or a charitable fund at the Foundation.
  • Retirement Plan Designation – Name one or more charities or a charitable fund at the Foundation as after-lifetime beneficiaries. While distributions from pre-tax accounts to heirs can be subject to taxes of up to 70% or more, distributions to charity are not taxed, creating an extremely tax-smart option for a legacy gift or a charitable fund at the Foundation.
  • Life Insurance – Name one or more charities as after-lifetime beneficiaries. Specify a percentage or the remainder of the account. Can be arranged with a simple “Change of Beneficiary” form from the insurance provider. Can fund a legacy gift or a charitable fund at the Foundation.

Charitable Trusts

  • Charitable Lead Trust – A tax-smart way to give to charity and transfer property to children. Established with real estate or other income generating property. Makes regular payments to a charity or a charitable fund at the Foundation. Later transfers property to children with reduced gift and/or estate taxes, and no taxes on appreciation.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust – Take a pro-rated tax deduction now and leave the remainder to charity. Reduce your estate taxes. Make fixed payments or payments that grow with the trust. Upon the term’s end, the trust’s remainder becomes your legacy gift.

For more information, contact us at 510.839.2900 or foundation@jfed.org.

Please note that these descriptions are informational only and do not constitute legal or tax advice. Please consult with a financial or estate planning professional to understand the implications of a gift for your particular circumstances and goals.