A family legacy of giving

Supporting foundations bring families together to explore shared values, charitable investing, and creative grantmaking.

A supporting foundation functions like a private family foundation, but because it is affiliated with The Jewish Community Foundation, you may receive tax and administrative benefits that would not be available with a private foundation.


  • Support causes and organizations of your choice
  • Your foundation can be passed on through multiple generations
  • Qualifies as a public charity for tax purposes
  • Administrative fees support our work in the community


Supporting foundations can be established with a contribution of $1 million or more. Contributions are tax-deductible and may be made at any time. Appreciated assets — such as stock or real estate — are accepted at fair market value and enable donors to avoid capital gains taxes. Supporting foundation assets appreciate without tax consequences.


Supporting foundations can make grants to Jewish and secular charities — locally and globally. Boards can set aside discretionary amounts for individual grantmaking. Foundation professionals are available to provide families with consultation on grant strategy and intergenerational involvement.


Each supporting foundation has its own board of directors composed of family and community members. Your board can set its own investment policy, create grantmaking strategies, and designate family members as future board members. We manage all accounting, grant disbursements, compliance monitoring, financial reporting, and operational support.


As a member of our circle of funders, you will be invited to special events during the year.

Learn more about supporting foundations by contacting us at 510.839.2900 or foundation@jfed.org.