Choose the Giving Vehicle That Matches Your Philanthropic Goals

Our giving vehicles are tax-advantaged, flexible, and expertly managed. So every dollar you contribute makes the greatest difference to the causes you value.

We can work with you to select a funding option that best matches your philanthropic goals. As with all public charities, your contributions are tax-deductible. Best of all, we take care of the management, investing, paperwork, and reporting.

Donor Advised Fund

a charitable giving account with a high degree of flexibility and convenience

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Supporting Foundation

a great alternative to a private family foundation, with better tax benefits and fewer constraints

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Legacy Fund

a permanent source of funding created by your estate to continue your support of the causes you value, for the benefit of future generations

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Endowment Fund

a permanent source of funding for a specific community need, chosen by you

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To learn more about Foundation’s charitable giving fund options, contact us at 510.839.2900 or

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