Giving as a family does more than provide the chance to make a difference. Philanthropy can help families define shared values, forge generational ties, and create charitable legacies.

The Foundation can help set goals, establish a fund or foundation, convene meetings, and provide back-office support. You can involve your children in writing a mission statement, choosing investments, and making grant decisions. We handle all of the administration and paperwork for you.

Choose a supporting foundation – which is like a private foundation with tax and administration benefits – or a donor advised fund – a more informal but still tax-smart giving option – as a vehicle for your family giving.

With a trained family philanthropy facilitator on staff, we can also work with you to craft a mission statement and facilitate your children’s involvement. As time goes on, we can help develop a succession plan, communicate your wishes to your children, and help them prepare to carry on your family’s charitable legacy.

To learn more about how Foundation can be a resource to help involve your family members in philanthropy, contact Lisa Tabak, Foundation Executive Director at 510.809.4920 or lisa@jfed.org.