Your Giving, Smarter

Donor-advised funds are tax-smart charitable giving accounts designed to streamline and maximize giving. We invest funds for long-term growth. Fund holders can give to almost any charitable organization — Jewish or secular, local or global — and funds facilitate and encourage family philanthropy.

You may establish a fund with a tax-deductible contribution of cash, stock, real estate, or other property. Contributions can maximize your year-end tax benefit while giving you time to choose your beneficiaries. It is a great alternative to opening a private foundation.


  • Establish your own “foundation” with a much lower minimum than a private foundation ($5,000 or more).
  • Maximize tax benefits today.
  • Give to Jewish and secular charities of your choice over time.
  • Organize and streamline your giving.
  • Administrative fees support our work in the community.


Additions to the fund are tax-deductible and may be made at any time. In addition to cash, we accept gifts of appreciated assets — such as stock or real estate — at fair market value, which allows you to avoid capital gains taxes. Fund assets appreciate without tax consequences, and family and friends can donate to your fund.


Fund holders can submit grant requests on Foundation’s website. Grants can be made anonymously or with recognition, even over multiple years. Foundation professionals can provide consultation, free of charge, on grant making and philanthropic planning.

Family Philanthropy

Funds provide an ideal vehicle for focusing charitable giving. Families can create family giving traditions around the use of the fund. Funders can designate children to make grants from the fund after their lifetimes.


We provide quarterly financial statements, detailing contributions, investments, grants, and expenses. Our online donor portal allows you to view statements, fund balances, contributions, and grant history. We manage all accounting, auditing, government filings, grant disbursements, investment monitoring, and reporting.


As a member of our circle of funders, you will be invited to special events during the year.

Contact Us

To learn more about Foundation’s donor-advised funds or other charitable giving fund options, contact us at 510.809.4900 or foundation@jfed.org.