Sprout Family of the Month (August 2017)

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Ann and Samba live in Richmond with their two boys, Abdu (age 4) and Youssou (age 2). Ann was born in Oakland and raised Jewish and Samba is from Senegal and was raised Muslim. After their first son was born they were a little nervous about how to navigate the religious aspect of family life, but Samba embraced the idea of raising the family Jewish. Ann’s friend, Sarah, shared the golden secret of PJ Library as an easy way to introduce Judaism to the young boys. She signed up right away and is thrilled with the impact PJ Library has had on the family!

Incorporating Jewish culture and beliefs is really important to Ann and Samba, but finding a family (and budget) friendly way has not been as easy as they had hoped. The monthly books from PJ Library have been a true mitzvah! The books are fun to read, and have made for great conversation starters with the boys about Jewish holidays and traditions. After reading Izzy The Whiz and Passover McClean, Abdu couldn’t wait to help clean up to host Passover! The family also enjoys singing and dancing along with the fun CDs sent out, Jammin with Jew and Family, Love, Music. Abdu and Youssou often walk around singing songs about Shabbat.

Ann, Samba, and the boys are looking forward to attending Temple Beth Hillel’s Mazel Tots program in Richmond starting in September. Until then, they are grateful that PJ Library has been able to gracefully introduce Judaism to the family in such a fun and engaging way!

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