Started as Strangers, Ending as Family

 In Building, Israel and Overseas

Word of the day: Achim

Translation: Siblings

We started off as strangers, but by the end of our trip, our multicultural group of Israelis and Americans became one big (very tired) family.

Posing with graffiti on a graffiti tour in Tel Aviv

Food of the day: Halva

Halva is a delicious treat made of sesame paste, and can be described as an Israeli take on fudge. This stand at the market in Jerusalem had all sorts of flavors ranging from coffee to pistachio.

Song of the day: Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu

We sang this song about peace after a difficult trip to the Mount Herzl cemetery. At the cemetery, our Israeli peers shared stories of people close to them who died in the military. We left the cemetery feeling somber, but when we joined hands and sang, our sadness turned into a celebration of life.

Photo of the day: We ended the trip in Tel Aviv, where we went on a graffiti tour and chilled on the beach. It was a great way to experience modern life in Israel and to end the trip on a fun and positive note.

Sarah Plovnick is a participant on the East Bay Community’s Birthright Israel trip. She is sharing photos of what she’s experiencing, Hebrew words she’s learning, and glimpses of what life is like on a Birthright bus for ten days. Yalla!

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