Tzfat is Yofi

 In Israel and Overseas

Word of the day: Yofi

Translation: Beautiful

Food of the day: For lunch I ate a Yemeni sandwich from a market in Tzfat. The food stand sold only one sandwich, so it was easy to decide what to eat! The bread was chewy and lightly fried, and stuffed with melted cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and delicious spices.

Song of the day: Today we walked through a long dark tunnel to arrive at a large, domed cave with a small window in the ceiling. Once there, we sang a song together, enjoying the echoing acoustics and the spirituality that surrounded us in the gorgeous and mystical city of Tzfat.

Lyrics (translated from Hebrew): “The Sound of a Circle”
The sound of a circle rolls upwards from below
Obscure chariots going and revolving
The sound of melodies goes up and down
It goes and wanders in the world
The voice of a shofar extends through the depth of stairs
And the circle spins around

Photos of the day:

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