Choosing Tomorrow: Creating Opportunity

 In Israel and Overseas

Lianne Dym is a sixth-year medical student, originally from Rehovot, currently living in Be’er Sheva. She’s a participant in Choosing Tomorrow, a program that encourages and gives incentives for college students to begin their careers in Israel’s underserved areas, creating opportunities for both the students and the communities around them.

Choosing Tomorrow students participate in projects attending to their communities’ many needs. Lianne has taken part in three projects, such as a free, ongoing CPR course for members of the community and an art auction for local girls with Rett Syndrome. Lianne was able to recruit many people to contribute original artwork — from famous local artists to students and elders — raising a total of 50,000 NIS (US $13,250).

In her current project, she is teaching young children from underprivileged families how to read. And as with her previous projects, Choosing Tomorrow is giving her the support and resources she needs to succeed: from choosing a project, to raising funds, to promoting the project.

“In Choosing Tomorrow, we are constantly encouraged not to be satisfied with the status quo,” says Lianne, “but to be active citizens, always aware of our surroundings, to challenge anything we see as unjust.”

The most valuable lesson, she says, is “to constantly think of ideas to better our society, and to shape those ideas into goals, the goals into plans, and the plans into a change, hopefully always for the better.”

Federation donors help fund Choosing Tomorrow and other programs that improve the lives of thousands of Israelis in the Negev and other underserved regions.

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