Moishe House: Creating Community

 In Building

“We are blessed to be part of a young Jewish community in the East Bay that comes together around Jewish spirituality, social justice, and the arts.” – Ellie, resident

When Ellie moved to the East Bay, she knew she wanted to live in a Moishe House, which supports peer-led, home-based Jewish engagement for young adults.

Ellie and her roommates plan seven activities a month that build young adult Jewish community. One of their favorite programs is an event where people come together to learn and sing nigunim, Jewish wordless melodies. “It’s a really beautiful, spiritually uplifting experience.”

Ellie is thankful she can build a Judaism that’s comfortable for her, and that she has the backing of the larger Jewish community. “Federation has been crucial in supporting Moishe House. We are eternally grateful to have the Jewish community supporting the young folks who want to create a Jewish community from a slightly different perspective.”

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