Take Me to Camp!

 In Engaging, Sprout

“Camp is a great place. All the activities are really fun, and I really feel Jewish at camp. I can’t believe there are so many people like me!” ~Jeffrey, Age 8, Pleasanton

While Jeffrey was staying up late, zip-lining, and singing at overnight camp, he was also learning Hebrew words and Israeli dancing. Like many East Bay Jewish kids, he had never been around so many Jewish peers before.

Jeffrey is not alone. For many Jewish children, overnight camp is the only time they spend immersed in a Jewish environment. Its effect is profound: as adults, campers are 21% more likely to feel that being Jewish is important, and they consistently cite camp as the most influential Jewish experience in their lives.

Jeffrey will look back at his summer away at camp as a time when he had fun, got to live away from home, and felt — for the first time — connected to his Jewish community and heritage.

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