Dror Israel: Shiran’s Story

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“I remember when Shiran came to the youth club for the first time. She didn’t talk. The whole year, she just sat and refused to participate in any of the activities,” explained Mirit, Coordinator of the Dror Israel educational kibbutz in Akko.

Shiran is from a working-class neighborhood in Akko, Israel. After her grandmother died tragically, she closed herself off.

Mirit spent many hours with Shiran, encouraging her to join team building activities, helping her with homework, studying for tests with her, and eventually, bringing Shiran to overnight camp. Over time, they became close.

“It’s not like one day she came to the youth club extremely shy and the next day she left here and voila, magic. It’s not magic. It’s a very long and personal process that includes lots of activities and conversations,” said Mirit.

“I can say now that I’ve changed,” admitted Shiran, who is about to graduate high school and join the IDF. “I talk more, I’m more attentive, more communicative. My counselors in the youth club really helped me.”

Dror Israel is a youth movement that works to create a more democratic Israeli society. Federation and Foundation support its urban kibbutz in Akko, where Dror Israel educators mentor at-risk youth like Shiran, giving them a support network, a social outlet, and the skillset to succeed as Israeli citizens.

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