Shalom Bayit: Vera’s Story

 In Caring

When Vera* moved to the Bay Area with her five-year-old, it wasn’t by choice; she was running from her abusive husband, who was chasing her across 3,000 miles. She had nothing, knew nobody, and had nowhere to turn to for help. Shalom Bayit, an organization that works to eliminate domestic violence in the Jewish community, was there to help her.

For two years, Shalom Bayit’s volunteers helped Vera find housing, donated Chanukah gifts for her child, found her legal help, and helped her work through the trauma of both her abuse and starting over in a new location.

Vera is one of nearly 2,000 people, in nine Bay Area counties, that Shalom Bayit helps every year through outreach, counseling, education, and prevention services.

Years later, Vera is happily remarried and firmly established in the Bay Area. And it all started with Shalom Bayit—the organization that not only saved her life, but also gave her a way to make positive connections to the Jewish community.

*Name changed

Federation and Foundation are proud to partner with Shalom Bayit to help promote peaceful homes and families, teach skills for healthy relationships, and work to build a safe, vibrant Jewish community that is free from violence and abuse.

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