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Philanthropy Resources

Benefits of Giving

The Basics: 5 Ways it Can Pay to be Charitable
Giving can benefit the giver. By Liz Pulliam Weston in MSN Money.

Trends in Philanthropy

Study Finds Baby Boom Generation Primed to Give and Volunteer More
"A study released by Independent Sector and AARP analyzes the giving and volunteering patterns of the baby boom population and finds enormous potential for Americans over the age of fifty to contribute time and money to the nonprofit sector." From PND News.

Today's Philanthropists Increasingly Practice 'Giving While Living'
"According to Business Week's annual ranking of the fifty most generous philanthropists, leading givers are spending time and money to ensure that their philanthropy makes a difference during their lifetimes, rather than leaving a large legacy to their children or a foundation." From PND News.


A source of practical wisdom on the tools and techniques of effective grantmaking. A project of the Ford Foundation.

An online tool for researching nonprofit organizations.

Jewish Funders Network
"The Jewish Funders Network is an international organization of family foundations, public philanthropies, and individual funders dedicated to advancing the quality and growth of philanthropy rooted in Jewish values."

NewTithing Group
Founded by money manager and philanthropist Claude Rosenberg, NewTithing Group offers philanthropic research and planning tools to help individuals become more educated about and comfortable with charitable giving.

Northern California Grantmakers
NCG is a membership organization that brings together grantmakers and others in Northern California to “share ideas, learn from each other and build collaborative relationships.”

Center for Effective Philanthropy
CEP provides "management and governance tools to define, assess, and improve overall foundation performance...through data collection and research that fuel the creation of assessment tools, publications, and programming."


Check on your Charity
The importance of researching charities before giving. From the Free Lance-Star.

Efficiency Experts - How to Research a Charity's Spending Effectiveness
By Andrea Coombes, CBS.MarketWatch.com.

More Donors Assume Watchdog Role When Dealing With Nonprofit Recipients
"When giving to nonprofit organizations, donors are keeping a closer eye on how their donations are being spent." From PND News.

The Jewish Roots of Philanthropy

Day to Day Judaism: Charity
"Support for the disadvantaged in Judaism is not altruism -- it is nothing less than justice." From Aish.com.

Maimonides' Ladder of tzedakah
The best forms of charity make the recipient self-sufficient. From myJewishLearning.com.

Overview: tzedakah Requirements
The principles and classifications of tzedakah. From myJewishLearning.com.

Judaism 101 - tzedakah: Charity
A basic overview of tzedakah; its meaning, obligation, and levels. From Judaism 101.

Just tzedakah
A basic overview of tzedakah; its meaning, obligation, and levels. From Judaism 101.

Godly Finance: Money Ideas from Religious Texts
Examines financial issues through a religious perspective. From Bankrate.com.

Family Philanthropy

National Center for Family Philanthropy
The mission of the National Center for Family Philanthropy is to promote philanthropic values, vision, and excellence across generations of donors and donor families.

Tools and Resources - The Williams Group
Tools and resources include quizzes and checklists to help families evaluate their effectiveness as a family and their readiness to transition wealth to heirs.

Resources - Wealth Generation Institute
Books and websites on the intersection of wealth, philanthropy, and family dynamics. (Disclosure: Wealth Generation Institute's principal is a member of the Foundation's Board of Directors.)

Youth Philanthropy

Youth in Philanthropy
An online source providing information and resources for youth philanthropists. From the Foundation Center.


Be Pure Before G-d and Israel: Principles of Ethics, Governance, and Accountability for Jewish Philanthropies in the United States
From tzedakah, Inc. Requires Adobe Reader.

Perspectives on Giving

Attitudes and Practices Concerning Effective Philanthropy
From the Urban Institute.

Out of the Fullness: An Interview with Lynn Twist
Twist's opinions on giving and the satisfaction that comes from giving when one feels complete. From More Than Money Magazine. Requires Adobe Reader.