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What does PJ stand for? 
Pajamas! Because we know special times of reading together and dancing along with music happen when you’re in your PJs!

Why are you giving me all of this stuff? 
Because fundamentally, we believe that when parents and children read together, it changes the world. There are some fantastic Jewish children’s books out there – books that are as wonderful as the classics you may have been reading to your children already.

We know high quality Jewish books can be expensive and difficult to find. We are sending these materials to you because we want you to have them. We believe sharing these stories and songs will enrich your family life.

What’s the catch? 
One catch – you need to READ the books and LISTEN to the music. Read, listen and sing along to your heart’s content!

What will my child/ren be receiving over the course of the year? 
Each child will receive a total of ten children’s books and one CD. In addition to that, one month’s mailing will be a parenting book for the adults of the family to enjoy. It is our intention not to send duplicate copies of CDs or parenting books to any families. To learn what specific selections your child/ren will be receiving, visit the Books & Music link.

How is it determined what books my child/ren will be receiving? 
Books are selected by a Book Selection Committee made up of experts in the fields of Jewish Library Science and Jewish Early Childhood Education. Each child enrolled in PJ Library is categorized according to his/her date of birth. For example, children born any time during the first half of a year are in the one-year-old group. Those children will receive materials in the one-year-old collection over the course of twelve months. When your family re-enrolls for a second year, the child will then move on to the selections for the two-year old group.

Will my younger child get the same books as my older child? 
We have selected a unique list of materials for each age group. Our lists do change yearly, however, there are some books we consider to be classics and therefore, they will never be rotated out. If your younger child eventually gets some duplicates of books your older child received, remember how special it is for each child to have his/her “own” copy. You can also choose to use the newer copy and “retire” an older, worn book.

What do I do with books that my child is not ready to hear yet? 
Sometimes it is simply wonderful to begin building a library. Enjoy the books yourself for now, or share them with your child using your own words. When your child is ready, take the book off the shelf and enjoy it as it was written.

Do I have to sign up at a certain time of year? 
You may sign up during any month of the year. Enjoying any selection does not depend on information from a previous book.

I’ve heard that PJ Library is for children through age 5½. Can my five-year old be enrolled? 
Absolutely! So long as your child is enrolled before his/her fifth birthday, s/he will receive all of the selections for five-year olds over the course of one year.

How can I enroll someone else for PJ Library? 
Register online.  If you would like to enroll a child who does not live in the East Bay area, there is a $60 fee for each registration in communities not currently enrolled in PJ Library.  Register them here.

How long will it take for my child to receive the first book? 
Most families receive their first book within eight weeks of signing up for PJ Library. Books are mailed out on the first of each month. Because we use bulk mail, they usually arrive in homes mid-month. If you have not received your first book with eight weeks, please contact us so that we may resolve the problem.

I signed up my newborn but have not received anything yet. Is that normal? 
Babies will start receiving books at the age of six months. If your baby passes that milestone and you still have not received any books, please let us know so we can look into it.

Where can I find a list of great Jewish children’s books? 
We’re glad you asked! Simply click on the Books and Music link. Our full books and music lists for all ages are right there.

I have misplaced my reading guide. Can I get another? 
Don’t fret. Once again, simply go to the Books and Music link, and click on the PDF icon next to the title of the book you are reading. This will lead you to the reading guide for that book. Feel free to print them out.

What other resources can you suggest for my family?
The internet is a phenomenal place for family resources. We’ve suggested a few of our favorite website on the links page.