Working with our organizational partners, we build and strengthen connections among communities around the world.

Our funding in Israel provides support to at-risk youth and creates a civil, democratic, and just society for all Israelis.

Our funding throughout Europe and the former Soviet Union provides food and medicine for homebound seniors and programs that educate and inspire the emerging generation.

Our work in Israel and in Jewish communities around the world is made possible by supporters of Federation’s Community Campaign, and by the following funds at the The Jewish Community Foundation:

  • Programs in Israel Restricted Fund
  • Rudolph Geringer Programs in Israel Fund
  • Dr. Livia Ross Scholarship Fund
  • Sam and Dora Ruvkun Advanced Planning Endowment for Projects in Israel

Our Partners in Israel

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Jewish Agency for Israel

The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) helps the Jewish state and its inhabitants fulfill many of their needs by, among other things, providing financial support to families of terror victims and helping those who’ve made Aliyah to better integrate into Israeli society.

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

In partnership with the Israeli government, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) provides assistance to at-risk youth, elders, immigrants, and other marginalized populations, while also expanding Israel’s capacity for volunteerism, charity, and public service. JDC also helps communities under constant threat of rocket fire in the southern region of Israel.

Dror Israel

Dror Israel is a youth movement that fights for a democratic Israeli society. At its kibbutz in Akko, Dror Israel volunteers mentor at-risk youth in the area, giving them a support network, a social outlet, and the skillset to succeed as Israeli citizens.

Yisrael Hofsheet

Yizrael Hofsheet fights for Jewish equality and pluralism in Israel in areas including LGBT marriage, gender segregation, and non-Orthodox marriage and conversions.

Chosing Tomorrow

Choosing Tomorrow, an initiative of the Israel Education Fund and the Jewish Agency for Israel, encourages medical students to begin their careers in the struggling Negev region.

In addition to providing much-needed medical support to the Negev, Choosing Tomorrow also pairs its participants up with social programs aimed at improving life in the region. These programs include sex education programs for area high schools, wellness and mindfulness training for local medical professionals, and training to better equip doctors and nurses to communicate with and treat the local Bedouin population.

The Ethiopian National Project

The Ethiopian National Project (ENP) helps people like Brancha, an Ethiopian-Israeli olah, who lost her mother when she was in the ninth grade. The ENP gave Brancha the support she needed to process her mother’s death, while also helping her to improve her grades. Now a high school graduate, Brancha serves in an elite IDF unit.

Dror Israel: Empowering At-Risk Youth

Dror Israel is a true grassroots movement — its mission is to create an equal, just, and democratic society for all people in Israel. Education and mentoring is a huge tool they use to that end; at kibbutzim from Akko in the north to Mizpe Ramon in the far south, its educators help at-risk youth throughout Israel by giving them the skills, support network, and confidence they need to succeed as Israeli citizens. Read more…

Yisrael Hofsheet: Creating Inclusive Spaces in Israel

For many years, Tel Aviv Councilman Mickey Gitzin didn’t think about issues like religious freedom. But then he visited the United States, and had a revelation. “I realized that there is actually more than one way to be Jewish,” he said. “And the distinction in Israel, between the secular and the religious, actually pushes people away from their Jewish identity and from their connection to the entire Jewish world.” Read more…

Choosing Tomorrow: Creating Opportunity

Lianne Dym is a sixth-year medical student, originally from Rehovot, currently living in Be’er Sheva. She’s a participant in Choosing Tomorrow, a program that encourages and gives incentives for college students to begin their careers in Israel’s underserved areas, creating opportunities for both the students and the communities around them. Read more…


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